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TitleStateCityJob TypeFull/Part-TimeRegular or Temporary
Packaging / Warehouse Technician LAPlaquemineLoaderFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Administrative Assistant (Plant Operations)TXPasadenaClerical / AdministrativeFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Chemical Loader LAGeismarLoaderFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Chemical Loader TXBaytownLoaderFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Chemical Loader (Truck Rack / Warehouse)TXGreen LakeLoaderFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Chemical Plant LoaderTXDeer ParkLoaderFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Chemical Plant LoaderLAPlaquemineLoaderFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Chemical Plant Loader WVSouth CharlestonForklift Operator, LoaderFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Chemical Plant LoaderTXBaytownLoaderFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Chemical Plant Loader LAPlaquemineLoaderFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Chemical Plant Loader (Entry Level)TXSeadriftLoaderFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Chemical Plant Loader and SwitchmanTXSweenyLoader, RailroadFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Chemical Plant Packaging Operator OHHebronForklift Operator, Warehouse / PackagingFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Chemical Plant Supervisor (Warehouse)LAPlaquemineSupervision / ManagementFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Chemical Plant Warehouse Material HandlerLAPlaquemineWarehouse / PackagingFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Chemical Process Operator ( Greenfield Commissioning / Procedure Writer) TXBaytownOtherFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Chemical Terminal LoaderTXChannelviewDock Operator, LoaderFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Communication / Data Entry CoordinatorTXBeaumontOtherFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Compliance Administrative AssistantTxBaytownClerical / AdministrativeHOTBOOKRegular (employed indefinitely)
Dock Operator (Chemical Plant)TXSeadriftDock OperatorFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Dock Operator (In-Plant)LAPlaquemineDock OperatorFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Forklift Operator (Entry Level)OHHebronForklift Operator, Warehouse / PackagingFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Industrial Terminal LoaderTXBeaumontLoaderFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Instrumentation and Electrical (Greenfield Chemical Plant)TxBaytownOtherFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
IT Application SpecialistTxPasadenaOtherFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Liquid Chemical Loader (Chemical Plant) LAPlaquemineLoaderFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Loader (Chemical Plant) LAPlaquemineLoaderFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Loader (Chemical Plant) LAGeismarLoaderFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Loader / SwitchmanLACarvilleLoaderFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Maintenance Planner (Greenfield Chemical Plant)TXBaytownOtherFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Marine Dock OperatorLAChalmetteDock OperatorFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Marine Dock Operator LALake CharlesDock OperatorFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Marketing and Proposal SpecialistTxPasadenaClerical / AdministrativeFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Material HandlerTXFreeportForklift Operator, Warehouse / PackagingFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Material Handler / Warehouse Operator ALDecaturForklift Operator, Warehouse / PackagingFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Material Handler / Warehouse Operator (Entry Level with Advancement Opportunity)KYLouisvilleForklift Operator, Warehouse / PackagingFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Operations Specialist (Chemical Plant)ILOrland ParkSafety & Training, Supervision / ManagementFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Packaging TechnicianLAHahnvilleWarehouse / PackagingFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Pipeline OperatorNDWillistonOtherFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Plant / Refinery Dock OperatorTXLeague CityDock OperatorFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Plant Loader and Railroad SwitchmanTXFreeportLoader, RailroadFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Plant Locomotive Operator and Rail SwitchmanTXFreeportRailroadFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Plant Rail SwitchmanTXBaytownRailroadFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Plant Rail Switchman (Entry Level) ILChannahonForklift Operator, RailroadFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Plant Railcar Loader / Switchman TXPasadenaLoader, RailroadFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Rail Switchman NJPaulsboroRailroadFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Rail SwitchmanLAPlaquemineRailroadFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Rail Wash Operator / Switchman TXSweenyRailroadFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Railcar Loader LABaton RougeLoaderFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Railcar Loader / Switchman LABaton RougeLoaderFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Railcar Loader / Switchman LeadmanLABaton RougeOtherFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Railcar Wash TechnicianLAPlaquemineRailroadFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Railcar WasherLAHahnvilleRailroadFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Refinery Dock Operator (On-Call)TXCorpus ChristiDock OperatorFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Refinery LoaderLANorcoLoaderFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Safety and Training Coordinator LAPlaquemineSafety & TrainingFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Safety and Training SupervisorTxBaytownSafety & Training, Supervision / ManagementFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Safety and Training SupervisorTxVictoriaSafety & Training, Supervision / ManagementFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Shipping ClerkALDecaturClerical / AdministrativeFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Shuttle Drive - Yard Clerk WVSouth CharlestonDriverFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Tank Truck Inspector (Chemical Plant)LAPlaquemineOtherFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Tankerman (Shoreside / MMC Required)LABaton RougeTankermanFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Tankerman (Shoreside / MMC Required)TXHoustonTankermanFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Tankerman (Shoreside / MMC Required)TXCorpus ChristiTankermanFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Tankerman (Shoreside / MMC Required)TNNashvilleTankermanFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Terminal Dock OperatorTXDeer ParkDock OperatorFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Terminal Operator (Crude Oil)LASt. JamesLoaderFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Terminal Rail SwitchmanTXBeaumontRailroadFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Warehouse Chemical / Material HandlerTXBaytownWarehouse / PackagingFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Warehouse LeaderOHHebronForklift Operator, Warehouse / PackagingFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
Warehouse Packaging TechnicianTXBaytownWarehouse / PackagingFull-TimeRegular (employed indefinitely)
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